Impresa Attorney Publishes First Book

Impresa is pleased to announce that litigator Rich Kelsey recently published his first book, Of Serfs and Lords, a critical analysis of what drives costs and skyrocketing student debt in higher education. The book identifies the root causes of the economic problems facing colleges and universities, and outlines many potential solutions for the industry and for students entering the market.

“A must-read for anyone concerned about higher education from the original educational consumer. In Of Serfs and Lords, Kelsey effectively nails his critique to higher education’s cathedral door. [Kelsey] launches a no-holds-bar, no-quarter-asked-or-given offensive on the educational establishment’s ruling elite. From the trenches, he issues a real-life, hard-learned warning to parents and prospective students alike, caveat emptor and watch your wallet.” Rob Bartenstein, Senior Managing Partner, Krestra Private wealth services.

The book is available on Amazon in the “Higher Education” category, rising has high as number 11 in that segment. Congratulations, Rich and we are eagerly awaiting your next literary success!