Impresa lawyers have served as general counsels to major organizations including non-profit corporations and non-governmental organizations. They have also served as board directors themselves for non-profits, community associations, and religious organizations. Having been counsel, client, and members of management, Impresa lawyers bring the combination of legal services and business savvy to help drive your organization’s mission.

The Business of Being a Non-Profit

  • Impresa Lawyers know that non-profits and NGOs have many of the same legal, commercial and regulatory requirements related to “running the business.” We have negotiated lease and lease extension agreements, vendor and teaming agreements, and grants and cooperative agreements. We have supported HR and employment matters, assisted with annual financial audits and 990 preparation, directed internal audit and compliance resources, and have generally supported operating units with professional legal advice.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Building a strong ethical culture and system of compliance in an integral part of maintaining your organization’s mission orientation and programmatic performance. To that end, Impresa lawyers have lead ethical visioning and value identification efforts and have incorporated corporate visions and values into corporate Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Building from a strong ethical base, Impresa lawyers have conducted strategic risk assessments with non-profit/NGO leadership so as to identify the areas of risk most in need of compliance upgrades and improvement. We have developed tailored policies and procedures that not only meet the compliance challenges facing your organization, but also, your mission as a whole.

Governance and Board Secretarial Services

  • As board members and advisors to boards in general, Impresa lawyers have helped non-profits and NGOs identify the governance tools necessary to provide proper oversight to management and operations. We have worked on strengthening board organization and operations, undertaking executive compensation reviews, and devising specialized compliance committees to improve overall impact.

Defending Non-Profit and NGO Interests

  • Whether it is an employment situation, commercial dispute, or government action threatens to impact your mission, Impresa lawyers have the experience to defend your organization in court or in administrative actions. We have a staffing model that understands the financial parameters in which non-profits/NGOs operate and we can work to keep on budget while devoting necessary staffing and attention to your matter. We understand client emergencies and we pride ourselves on our ability to confer with our clients anytime, and dedicate all of our resources when events warrant.

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