Your Business Recovery Guide to Government COVID-19 Assistance Programs

For many small businesses, accessing CARES Act emergency funding can be straightforward. The SBA web-site at can guide a single-owner, small business through the application process. However, if your business is more complex, or a little larger, or owned, in part, by another business, or an investor with a portfolio of businesses, the SBA questionnaire can be difficult to navigate.

Our team of business lawyers is well-experienced with government regulations, and navigating forms and offering strategic business advice on complex legislation. All of these are essential in the coming weeks and months as the disruption caused by this illness unfolds. If your business has more than one owner, if you need to refer to the regulations to answer question one in the SBA form, if you are unsure about eligibility or have any questions, we can help. Completing the survey below will help us select the right team of professionals for a  virtual meeting within one business day.

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